About us

The fresh fish pavilion of the 21st century

Inaugurated in 2004, the new Fresh Fish Pavilion is a star feature of Rungis Market and a world benchmark, as much for its infrastructures as for the quality and diversity of its products. Innovative technology has been used to improve health, safety and cold chain compliance.

Overview of the A4 Pavilion

"Cold" unloading docks to prevent ice melting before arrival in the sale area.
Combined cooling and air treatment systems: the cold is ‘layered' from the ground up to a height of 5m.
Innovative materials: special resin on the floor and lacquered walls to simplify everyday cleaning, washbasins in columns with instant water at 30° and antibacterial soap dispensers, so that buyers can touch the products with no risk of contamination.
First rate fire prevention system: new material for store walls (foamglass insulation + fire-stop), compartmentalized zones and fire detection system to warn and stop fire spreading.

The A4 pavilion in figures

56,000 m2 floor area
14,000 m2 trading area kept at 10°c
300,000 m3 volume
245 m de long, 90 m wide and 14 m high
9,000 m2 of loading docks (29 gates)

An exceptional product offer

Fresh fish, both wild and farmed
Deep sea and tropical fish
Shellfish, oysters
Freshwater fish
Processed and prepared products
Smoked and frozen fish




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